À mon chéri Jean-Charles,   Joyeux 50e anniversaire des amis et la famille à travers le monde, anciens et nouveaux. Nous nous unissons dans les 50 pages à venir pour raconter nos histoires préférées et des souvenirs de toi, pour te dire l'importance que tu as à nos yeux, et pour te faire savoir  à quel point tu as fait une différence dans nos vies.   Une chose qui ressort clairement des réponses dans les pages qui suivent, c'est que tu as une importance considérable aux yeux de beaucoup de gens.  JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE JEAN-CHARLES!
  J'ai rencontré Jean-Charles quand nous travaillions tous les deux à Apple Computer. Il était un jeune ingénieur, et j'étais une coordinatrice de projet expérimenté avec plus de sept années d'expérience dans l'entreprise déjà.   C'était Halloween et nous étions tous les deux habillés en costume. Le mien, un peu vulgaire, semblait choquer Jean-Charles. Il a contesté mon droit d'être dans le bâtiment car je n'étais "clairement" pas un employé d'Apple ... Offensé par son défi, je lui ai simplement dit que j'étais Cecilia, et qu'il passait devant mon poster dans le hall d'entrée CHAQUE JOUR !  Je ne pense pas avoir fait grande impression sur lui, parce que quand je le revis quelques semaines plus tard, je me souvenais de lui, mais il ne se souvenait pas de moi ... Mais tout a changé quand je lui ai offert un verre;)  Depuis ce jour-là, Halloween est resté l'une de nos fêtes préférées.  Cecilia
  This is one of the most unexpected and the most exciting days of my life.   As so often with Jean-Charles, this story begins with a boardgame, in this case War of the Ring: a strategy game in the world of Tolkien, a miniature game combined with a board game, a game with a rulebook almost as thick as the novel from which it is derived, and finally and above all, promising long game. Very long. I had an appointment at 9 o'clock in the morning at the home of the Mourey family (in Vence at the time). The game was ready, figurines and equipment set up (Jean-Charles had spent at least two hours before). Shortly after my arrival, the game began. The armies clashed, the battle raged between orc troops of Mordor and Isengard, controlled by Jean-Charles whose Machiavellianism would have forced the admiration of Sauron himself, and the desperate alliance between Humans, Elves and Dwarves, led by your sympathetic but determined servant. There was no respite except for a short meal, then the battle began again, while two little hobbits slowly approached Mount Doom, the destruction of the One, and my victory... It seemed the most likely outcome (my opponent himself admitted), but we will never know if the forces of good were to be triumphant, because the game never arrived to its term. Indeed, as the Ring Master, something exerted an irresistible attraction on Jean-Charles : a black hole... Or, more accurately, a conference in Nice on black holes, the history of their discovery and men who have contributed. I learned of this conference at 5pm, when Jean-Charles asked me to accompany him, after seven hours of Middle Earth, so I was off to Nice, unexpectedly, to space and infinity, bringing me dangerously close to the singularity of the most terrible and fascinating monsters that we can find in the universe... Years later, Jean-Charles evoked the possibility of an elementary particle trapped in the gravitational field of a black hole, its probability cloud straddling the event horizon, thereby allowing said particle to escape the black hole (which should be impossible in theory). This reminded me of that day, and I thought, only Jean-Charles would ask such questions...  Philippe
 My most vivid memories of Jean-Charles  The first is when my mother came to see the maternity in Bourg: a moment of true happiness. The second is when every evening I went to Pont-de-Veyle where Bernadette still taught, when a former student would bring the stroller back after a walk. Then, it was during a visit to Beaune. I remember a large square full of gravels. Jean- Charles followed us several meters back dragging his feet. I'm pretty sure he fell on purpose then stayed lying down and complained. What to do? I told him: "You can get up by yourself !". He had a moment of thought and got up by himself. Should I have acted differently, as everyone else would have done, I do not know.  Then there is a succession of moments of quiet happiness. I see Jean-Charles sitting on the couch with his arms wrapped around Philippe. Cult shows we watched together every evening at a fixed time. I see the little bedroom at Laennec, with the bunk bed he shared with his brother. Every night his mother had prepared a little French grammar exercise to do on the blackboard. Me, it was sometimes an algebra exercise. I remember being on all fours on the floor doing math with him on set theory with lots of bits of matches. I never doubted the Jean-Charles' abilities. And even when the teacher asked students to memorize texts of greatly exaggerated lengths, he always managed to complete the task.  The best memory : when dressed in a beautiful black velvet outfit that his mother had made by hand, he played his piano piece at a concert organized by his teacher. He was perfect, natural and without stress.
 I remember him at the château, in the most difficult living conditions . We bought him a used moped for him to go to school. I seem to remember that it broke down in the middle of a big snow fall and he had to bring the machine home by dragging it through the snow. I see him sitting on his bed like a buddha, with headphones on, learning English with modern methods, or reading a huge computer book like others read novels.  As for our vacations, we had the folding caravan, holidays in Haute-Serve, the little dog he loved, a fews trips to Bourg .  Then he left for Louis-le-Grand, then Ecole Polytechnique, first times away. Sad memory when he left for the United States. I remember it was dark, I was still going up on the roof to plug leaks and we watched our expenses because we had to repay our loans.  Moments of happiness again with his wedding with Cecilia. Impressive reception in the United States. Beautiful ceremony at Chalon's Cathedral and the Château. Birth of Alexandra and Jean-Luc. The story continues.  Papa
  (semi-automated translation)   I love to see you laugh so hard that you start to squeak and finally lose your breath.  Whenever I come back from London, I can not believe when I hear you sing. It is beautiful and keeps on getting better. I feel that with every note, you create a wave in a mighty river flowing between mountains of emotions and your vibrato pushes back the walls of the house. I want to hear you perform at the Royal Albert Hall!  In the last year of high school, when I was looking for universities in England, I dared not aim too high, but you and mom insisted that I look into Imperial College. You gave me the courage to open larger doors, and I do not regret it!  While filming Hermione Saves the Day, I had the idea to distort the sound of the piano that plays by itself, and I was very proud when you encouraged me by saying that it was an excellent idea. I know people my age whose parents have never made them feel pride, but it is not my case!
  I like it when you sing beside me without even realizing it while I compose little melodies on the piano. I sometimes do the same thing when you play the piano :)   When I was little, to avoid imposing the gender stereotype of the pink sparkly sweet girl, you gave me both boy toys and girl toys, so that I could choose for myself what interested me. Nevertheless, I ended up playing with dolls, and I remember one time I wanted to play Barbies with you but you told me no because dads do not play with Barbies! This is the day I learned that boys do not like dolls.  I love it when you read the Science & Vie and then you tell us all the amazing things you discover .  I have fond memories of the moments spent under the night sky with you and Mom when I was little and you would wake me up to see meteorites. In London, we see nothing in the sky because of all the light pollution, and I often think back to the night in the mountains of Barcelonnette where we stopped to admire the stars.  Alexandra
 Voicemail humour, or How I met Jean-Charles Mourey
 March 1988, newly hired by Apple Europe, I am sent to California to meet my counterparts, Engineers in charge of developing the Script Manager. Before leaving Paris, a friend recommended me to contact a young French engineer, Jean-Charles Mourey, who worked for some time in the Research and Development group. This was my first trip across the Atlantic and arriving in Cupertino has been nothing less than the biggest culture shock of my life. A beautiful country, new landscapes, open, friendly and understanding people inhabited a city that could be renamed Apple City given the numbers of buildings branded with the multicolored apple logo. Just before I left Paris, I learned that the aforementioned Jean-Charles Mourey had returned for a few days to Paris with his then fiancée Cecilia, for the wedding of a couple of friends whose wife, Aline, did his internship study with us at Apple Europe. Thus, our first encounter probably took place somewhere above the Atlantic, but of that brief moment, I have no memory. A week after my arrival, I tried a first call to join Jean- Charles, but his voicemail indicated he was traveling in France. So I waited another week and repeated my call. The message had changed. I thought I had understood the words despite my halting English, but I didn't think I understood the meaning of the message as its meaning seemed unlikely. Short on solutions, then it occurred to me to go into the international group where I might find a French person which could explain the situation. At the same time in France, Cecilia, who like me had made her first transatlantic voyage, also lived a whole new experience. In a Parisian restaurant where she met alumni friends of Jean-Charles', she asked where the toilets were. Jean-Charles showed her the way and to his amazement, saw her coming back very quickly with a worried look. He asked if everything was okay, and her response was nothing short of amazing. Cecilia had indeed found the toilets, but she said very sternly "that someone had stolen the toilet !" So her first encounter with a Turkish toilet was also a culture shock for her.
 With such humor, she just had to be Jean-Charles' soulmate.  But let's go back to the voicemail. In the international group, I easily found a Frenchman and then asked my compatriot to explain the message of the voicemail. He dialed Jean-Charles' phone number, listened to the message and then hung up quietly, he then told me that Jean-Charles was back in the United States, but he was jetlagged and had adapted his schedule work to be present at his office from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 am. Surprised, I asked then if it was a normal situation in the company. He replied that insofar as Jean-Charles' boss agreed, there was no problem. Imagine the culture shock for a Frenchman from France!  During the week that followed, I regularly called after 8pm but Jean-Charles never answered my calls and all ended up in his voicemail.  No wanting to wait any longer, and being a little more assured after three weeks in the country, I went to the reception building where I worked and asked where was the office of Jean-Charles Mourey. With his address in my pocket, I went looking for this French engineer, who did not answer the phone and was programming only at night. Maybe one of his colleagues could give me an explanation.  Once in the building, someone told me where his office was and to my amazement, as it was 11:00 in the morning, I found Jean- Charles working quietly on his computer.  Then I introduced myself and engaged a conversation with this young man, a conversation which 25 years later is still not complete. Innocently, I asked him to explain the message of his voicemail. He then looked at me mockingly and said that   it was a joke   he pulled on his colleagues!!!  So it took me three weeks to meet Jean-Charles, but only a few minutes to run into his humour.  After 25 years of friendship, I still enjoy your mischief. Our long discussions together have always been precious moments for me, your moments of silence have also taught me a lot. I am happy to call you my friend.  Luc- Michel
 S'il te plaît dis à Jean-Charles qu'en son honneur, nous avons juste regardé un vieil épisode de la première saison de Star Trek Next Generation (Conspiracy, pour être précis) et l'avons grandement apprécié.  Cela m'a rappelé de bons souvenirs de Fair Oaks Av. à Sunnyvale et des versions plus jeunes de nous-mêmes. Amusez-vous bien et j'espère vous revoir dans un avenir pas trop lointain.  Bonnes fêtes  pascal
 I am pleased to pay tribute to our great soloist tenor Juan Diego (perdón) Carlos Mourey who so vividly animated the end of our singing workshop in Auvergne. Il capo di squadra of our tenor group, he surely has a dazzling career ahead of him as a soloist that we follow with enthusiasm. To his musical talents, he adds those he has in the computer field as "master of the web" for the Envol website, put together and maintained in a professional manner much admired. In reaching his half-century, he deserves all the applause of his friends with cries of 'Bis, bis!'  With my affectionate greetings and best wishes.  Peter Johnson     Dear Jean-Charles, I met you at Alcyon. This encounter is admittedly new but I am happy that life put me in front of a Capricorn who is neither morose nor depressive or psychologically inflexible. A real pleasure of a man endowed with a nice organ... if I may say so... I wish you a great birthday. I will remember yours because mine is just before. Thank you for inviting me to this happy event. Long life to you and your little family. Longe life to music and our collaboration in singing ensembles. Love and kisses, Martine Giraud-Gies   
 Quand je pense à Jean-Charles, je souris ... Je me souviens des bons vieux jours, de son anglais parfait et moi utilisant mon argot. Lui apprendre quelques mots d'argot était tellement amusant et m'en a tellement appris sur l'homme que ma sœur adorait et qui l'adorait.  Le piano et Thanksgiving ... Que puis-je rajouter.  Joyeux 50ème Jean-Charles; tu ne m'as jamais déçu en tant que frère. Étreintes et bises.  Joyce
 Histoire préférée que Jim aimait ronter .... C'était Thanksgiving chez vous lorsque AOL a appelé et a dit qu'il était hors ligne. Jean-Charles a emmené Jim à l'étage dans une salle informatique et Jim dit que c'était comme le regarder jouer du piano sur le clavier de l'ordinateur et à la fin tout marchait.  Joyce pour Jim
 Jean-Charles,  It is with great excitement that we welcome you in our small YOUNG SQUIRE club in the "Versatile over 50 years" category. Tenor with a charming tune, graceful smile, whose powerful diaphragm rests on nicely drawn waist, you will be very valuable to us. Your journey of initiation begins now and will continue for the next 50 years.  If you ever feel misfortune, fleeing the cruel land, with us you will find happiness again, in the barn where you were born. May you grow, may you prosper and in turn become a great tenor!   (words from l'Adieu aux Bergers, by Hector Berlioz, freely adapted...)   So we wish you all the best, continue to sing beautiful songs for the ladies, pretty tunes for tenors, and arias to dehorn bulls for the bass singers! (reference to  La Traviata , by Verdi).   Vito
 En collaboration avec Jean- Charles sur le firmware de la carte 8.24 GC chez Apple en 1989 a été une grande expérience. Nous étions une petite équipe et avons eu beaucoup de défis à relever et je me souviens du grand effort que nous avons fait à tirer le maximum de performance du matériel et des logiciels combinés et obtenir que tout fonctionne parfaitement. C'était tellement cool de tout faire fonctionner ainsi et de sortir le produit, le premier produit sur lequel j'ai travaillé à avoir été vendu à plus que quelques clients. Je me souviens après avoir déménagé à VG5 du tremblement de terre de Loma Prieta et mon bureau était si pleine de moniteurs lourds et de livres de listings des ROMs du Mac que même si je savais que la chose la plus sûre à faire était de passer sous le bureau, j'ai pris le risque et ai couru vers la porte. Mon autre grand souvenir est de votre mariage en France et de la réception au château avec les pièces caverneuses et sombres et des trous de construction dangereux et le grand repas avec tant de plats intéressants. C'était ma première fois en France et il était si agréable d'être invité. J'ai encore la tasse de souvenir que vous pouvez voir sur la photo. Meilleurs vœux.  Mark
 Jean-Charles!  My favorite tenor, My reference at l'Envol ... Yes I admit that when I am lost, I listen behind me for the voice of Jean-Charles who rises strong and clear, bringing me the word I am waiting for to recover. And I sing again, more serene. If that is not a reference, then what is it?  And Jean-Charles, always smiling, caring, always ready to be surprised by everything with a fresh mind, a real pleasure. Thank you Jean-Charles, continue to charm me for a long time to come.  Michèle
 Jean-Charles....  When I think of him, I don't really feel like telling an anecdote, or share a common experience...  No, it is rather how this man, this friend and partner, impresses me! If I have to go through all the people I have physically met or known in my life, as friends, professional, in my family.... In short, the inner circle... I do not mean the stars for one night that we meet at a concert for example... People I have admired or admire today can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Those I admire and who impress me can be counted on two fingers! And Jean-Charles is one of them ;)  While remaining simple, friendly, jovial, lover of life, humble, and so on, this man is simply a ' killer ' (forgive me the expression, probably too "Rapper" ;). Whatever field he touches, he excels in! Whatever the problem that presents itself to him, he will solve! And probably faster than most ordinary mortals on this planet!  I will remember all my life the story of his life, told during a long car trip to Nuremberg. I remember trees scrolling alongside the road and his story scroll at the same frantic pace. Exciting, unreal, full of success and loaded with passion and emotion. A story I myself retold to other people then a dozen times, probably more, just because I wanted to convey the wonder that I had for him.  This man is practically mutant! It should be featured among the X -Men, if they existed... His brain is not human... It is equipped with a processor that Apple has not even invented yet ! A processor with an ultra-human function that Apple will never be able to invent ;) And that's the magic of Jean-Charles. The combination of passion, outstanding social skills, and an unparalleled brain allowing him to handle everything like an octopus that had learned organization!  Everything he touches becomes gold faster than what Midas could do... Starting to sing by pure desire. To discover a passion in it, and reach a professional level just four years after starting from zero ! ! Who can boast of such a success??? Few people in my opinion. JC would never boast of it, he'll just share his passion and attempt to spread it! More ->
 Not to mention founding a boardgame publishing business, overnight, on the absurd idea of a local game designer in the midst of a professional disappointment! A company that has had a significant last impact on the boardgame publishing world, that produces almost perfect games, acclaimed by thousands of players around the globe, and all this in so little time ... Just like singing! Well, I did not want tell an anecdote or a slice of life, but now I am ending with one anyway ;) But what could be more normal, since we have now shared a slice of life for the last 5 or 6 years, a beautiful experience of friendship, work, all driven by the same passion for games.  Yes, I insist and will sign my name : Jean-Charles is an exceptional human being, a rare find as there are very few. I would not say that every day or for anyone! No, I'll say again, in all my life, there are only two or three people about which I would be able to say as much!  And I have the chance to know this man, not for a very long time, as 5 years in his life is not a lot... But I hope to continue to work with him and see him evolve throughout the rest of his life!!!!  Happy Birthday Partner ;)!!!! Christophe
 Dear Jean-Charles,  50 years old and already a well-deserved fame! To cite just one example, this character of the Versatile Young Squire, title officially awarded in December 2011, which fits you so well ... You embody for us the connection between Lyrical Art and Modern Technology, between la Scala in Milan and Silicon Valley, between Jonas Kaufmann and Steve Jobs, between the homing pigeon and the e-Parchment ... Your enthusiasm, your spontaneity and your friendship are precious to us ...  Happy birthday!  Affectionately,  Marie-Line and Philippe
 Papa, Do you remember when we were in the car and you told me that Mom had told you that something had happened during your solo?  And I refused to say anything and because "you'll see"?  so here:  It's actually very simple but it's just that it's never happened to me before and I was not sure what it was.  When you started to sing for the first time alone with the rest of the choir behind you,  I felt an intense heat go through my body and I could not take my eyes off you.   My vision became narrower until I saw only you, with your face and your voice so full of emotion that it was a miracle that I did not start crying.  I do not really understand what I was feeling but I just know I 've never felt so happy to hear you sing.  When we came out at the end, I explained it to Mom, and she told me that, quite simply, it was pride.  So here we are. For the first time in my life, I felt real pride, the pride to see you succeed in doing what you enjoy the most in the world: Singing.  J -L
 (reminder: semi-automated translation)  The first time I met Jean-Charles, we were at Club de Vence, and I was surprised by how many games he brought there. However, when I saw him with his entire collection at home, I realized that he actually took very little to the club!  Thanks to his pleasant character, his intelligence and his rich relationship with the United States (where my father was born), as soon as I met, him I saw the friendship that the club would give us the opportunity to build. I'm obviously not the only one to have realized all his human and intellectual qualities, they allowed him to build relationships around him, I testify here of those club games Vence, which was a first step towards a new adventure.  I have many memories of long or short sides at the club, where Jean- Charles won and lost, but always with the same fair play, and will seek to implement strategies of game theory. Where I could feel the chaos of competing and conflicting human choices, comparable to me by chance, he deduced the optimal choice of each based on ever-changing circumstances.  However, there is a fun challenge outside the club, he had the courage to face it several years ago, and although it did not do away, I would like here once again welcome this worthy opponent and friend. Jean- Charles, I guess you remember the efforts you 've got to make to build your first deck in Magic, having drawn your colors at random, and had to imagine the interactions between several hundred cards which succeeded in weeks weeks!  Shortly after Jean -Charles had a much greater courage when it is launched in Ludically and I found a certain irony to hear that there is little time, he played occasionally Magic " for relax ".  + + David
 Oh I would so please  work, always work (yes I will)  The rest of the tenor  happy birthday  I am a poor lonesome cowboy ...  for my availability, see my impresario  By Daniele
 Je souhaite que je pourrais vous dire la première fois que j'ai rencontré Jean- Charles , mais il ya maintenant 25 ans, et d'être la deuxième personne de plus beau chez Apple à l'époque, il n'a pas fait une impression énorme , sauf bien sûr qu'il était mignon, intelligent , et a eu que très sexy accent français . Nous avons travaillé ensemble sur un projet qui a nécessité la coordination de logiciels ( de mon côté ) et le matériel ( de son côté ) . En dehors de ses compétences sociales , qui le distingue des autres ingénieurs , il était beaucoup plus cosmopolite que la plupart de Cupertino [ Pomme], et a toujours eu une plaisanterie perspicace ou rire . Dans au moins trois façons , il a changé ma vie pour toujours . Tout d'abord, nous avons couru dans l'autre en 1990 sur un samedi matin quand Apple vendait restant son stock de Apple IIc de . Je souffrais d' une rude rupture et de penser à ce qu'il faut faire ensuite . Sans même me demander ce qui me convient le mieux , Jean- Charles a gentiment proposé de me mettre en place avec un coordinateur dans le groupe de matériel. Je suis persuadé que cette stratégie a travaillé pour lui, mais j'ai eu le sentiment nettement désagréable que je devais prendre ma vie sociale en mains propres ou subir le sort d'un millier de coupures de mes amis . En bref , à cause de Jean- Charles , j'ai été forcé dans la publicité personnelle . Bien sûr, ce qui est 1990 , la publicité personnelle a été vu quelque chose comme la prostitution , alors vous pouvez imaginer que je ne voulais pas que mes parents le sachent. En effet, comme mon mari -à-être et je m'approchai , Jean- Charles était l'un des seul un très petit groupe d'amis proches qui ont su Scott et moi avons rencontré . Cette information était apparemment trop chaud pour lui de gérer , et il se sentit donc la nécessité d'annoncer à tout le monde qui a participé à ma fête d'anniversaire trentième, y compris mes parents . J'ai immédiatement été renié , et j'ai lutté chaque car de revenir dans leur volonté . Troisièmement, la fille de Jean- Charles , qui était de moins de un an de plus que la nôtre, a fréquenté l'école américaine français à Cupertino . Parce que Alexandra est née dans une année différente de celle Anna , elle avait déjà vécu sa première année d' école , quand à la demande de la Moureys , nous avons cherché à l'école . En fin de compte , ne comprenant pas un mot de français nous-mêmes, nous mettons Anna dans la même école maternelle . Elle est devenue bilingue en français et est resté à la maternelle . Nous sommes restés des amis proches avec d'autres familles à l'école , et comme un adolescent , Anna s'est rendu en France souvent les voir . Le tout bilingue est devenu une habitude, et nous plonge Liam en néerlandais . En termes d'amis sur Facebook , que le préscolaire français - américain a été presque aussi influent que Apple, et j'ai maintenant beaucoup d'amis avec des accents français sexy , certes , beaucoup d'entre eux sont des femmes .
 Je ne devrais pas laisser passer cette occasion sans mentionner que Jean-Charles est tout à fait le connaisseur de vin. Lorsque nous lui avions à une dégustation de vin, il était la seule personne qui aimait le vin que d'autres personnes ont dit sentait chaussettes sales et goûté comme amende goudron. En effet, il était le seul Français de souche à la dégustation de vin, et il était la seule personne qui aimait le seul vin français. Il a aussi un talent pour traquer $ 1 bouteilles de vin. Qu'il suffise de dire que, avec une grande clairvoyance, Jean-Charles a rapidement identifié et a épousé la plus belle personne à Apple dans les jours. Il reste le package complet: chant, la pratique d'autres langues, la conception de jeux et d'être un grand et fiable mari, père et ami. Comment différente, et fondamentalement ennuyeux ma vie aurait été si je ne l'avais jamais rencontré! Félicitations, Jean-Charles! Je vous suggère de vivre de nombreuses décennies, mais tu sais, avec ce système de santé français, c'est un peu un coup de dés.  Laurie
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 Friendship, sun and .... music .... a way of conceiving happiness !  Michelle
 [à Cecilia] Mon histoire n'est pas adaptée à tous les publics. Bernard n'a pas osé vous raconter l'anecdote tel que c'est vraiment arrivé. Jean-Charles et toi aviez  juste commencé à vous fréquenter. Jean-Charles nous aidait aimablement à déménager et Bernard et lui transportaient notre lourd matelas du camion à l'appartement. Puis JC a demandé à Bernard la taille de notre matelas et se demandait quelle était la taille du lit de Cecilia. Bernard lui a dit que ce qu'il y avait de bien avec un lit de taille King est qu'on peut faire l'amour aussi bien en longueur qu'en largeur. Jean-Charles réfléchit un moment et tout d'un coup et très sérieusement répondit : "Cecilia a un matelas de taille Queen alors !". Bernard éclata de rire.   Géraldine et Bernard
 Caméra de Jean-Charles  L'une des histoires de papa sur Jean-Charles est le temps que vous avez tous fait du camping ensemble à travers les États du nord-ouest avec la remorque pendant l'été avant votre départ pour la France. Papa raconte l'histoire de la façon dont Jean-Charles a tellement excité de voir les bisons, qu'il a sauté du camion avec ses caméras pour prendre des photos. Papa a dû déplacer le camion sur le côté de la route parce qu'il bloque le trafic, et quand Jean-Charles revint, son 2ème appareil photo n'était plus où il l'a laissé sur le terrain ... il est malheureusement dans le chemin du pneu sur son chemin hors de la route!  Joyeux 50e anniversaire, Jean-Charles!  amour, Carmen, Joe et Josie
 Jean-Charles est si jeune ! Lorsque vous arrivez à plus de 50 comme moi, il est difficile de se souvenir de rien.  Mes souvenirs les plus vifs de Jean-Charles sont de ma visite à Chalon-sur-Saône. Je pense que quelqu'un allait se marier, mais je ne me souviens pas des détails;) Ce que je peux retenir, c'est Jean-Charles nous visiter autour du château que ses parents rénovait. Je me souviens très bien lorsqu'il m'emmena dans la tour et me montra la vieille machine à écrire. Je me souviens aussi du fer forgé de la serre et l'épaisseur des structures entre les étages du château. C'était un monde différent de celui de la mer de cubes auquel j'étais habitué chez Apple à Cupertino.  L'autre chose que Jean-Charles m'a appris était l'importance de la famille et de la qualité de vie. Il est l'un des seuls techniciens que je connais qui a eu l'audace de quitter la Silicon Valley où tout le monde venait ici. Il n'était pas jusqu'à ce que j'étais beaucoup plus âgé que j'ai compris la sagesse de sa décision.  Bonnes fêtes, Bruce
 Once at the computer in the garage of our old house in California , Jean -Luc and I were just discovering the internet. I had my fingers on the keyboard , but not too many ideas of what to type , and Jean -Luc beside me watching me do. I did not know what was this thing that was the internet. I started with " boys.com ." I expected to find a site with trucks, legos , and aliens. In fact it was an online menswear . Then, hoping to find barbies and jewelry , I directed us to " girls.com ." A little young to discover obscene pictures with my little brother too! I barely understood what I saw , but I immediately closed the page and Jean- Luc begged not to tell anyone. He promised not to do it, but hey, he must have been 4 or 5 years , and it was you who told me that children do not learn to lie, but to be honest, so you see my mistake when I trusted a child ... not even thirty seconds later, you 're back in the garage, and Jean -Luc has wasted no time in telling you this story . I was so white lest I even remember the rest.
  CLICK HERE FOR JOHN'S VIDEO   J'ai tellement de bons souvenirs, où dois-je commencer? Tout le monde qui le connaît sait lumineux il est. Donc, je ne vais pas reproduire. Tout le monde qui le connaît sait combien de facettes belle il a à son caractère. Donc, je ne vais pas répéter. On dit qu'une image vaut mille mots (et vous a demandé pour une image trop si possible) Eh bien, je pense une vidéo vaut mille images. Donc 1000 x 1000 = 1000000 Je pris le temps de mettre sur pied une petite vid ce matin pour ramener quelques souvenirs de lui. Donc, vous avez à poster ce lien dans son livre ( lien ici ), et il peut aller prendre un coup d'oeil.  C'est un million de mots en un peu moins de 3 minutes  Amour à vous deux et JL & A  Ton compagnon anglais - John xxx
 Vacation memories with cousins ...  Eric & Sylvie Mourey and family
 Et ici donc se termine ce livre de pensées, Avec beaucoup d'histoires et de retournements. D'innombrables sentiments vont et viennent, Tu as clairement eu une vie bien vécue. Tu as atteint une étape importante, Ou «cinquante» comme elle est mieux connue, Mais tu as encore du chemin à faire, Reparlons-on en dans cinquante ans disons !  J-L
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